Thursday, May 18, 2017

"How to Talk Dog" plus some oldies from Delta Dog Program

This week we revisited how to react when there is suddenly an aggressive dog standing in front of you. Some of the class experienced this recently on our walk back from Boronia Beach and I must admit it scared the hell out of me even though I managed not to panic in front of the kids, inside I was wondering what does this dog want. To protect it's property after one boy accidentally meandered up the drive instead of staying on the footpath.  So when I inadvertently found this book in an op shop I took it to school and decided it was time to revisit the earlier lessons delivered by the Delta Dog team in term 1.

 I was so proud of those students who volunteered off-the-cuff offered to read some of the text out loud. Well done

Delta Dog revisit. Here are some photos taken first term during the very worthwhile Delta Dog Program.

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